Top spots in Paris where you can grab some great coffee and taste some good food!

Paris is not just known for the most special Eiffel Tower but also for its best cafes and restaurants. With the amazing food being served around, people, this place has got the most fabulous restaurants and cafes we can savour on. There are different cuisines which are served in almost all the restaurants and cafes in Paris.

Along with these cuisines, they even offer us with the best refreshments like tea, coffee and even the best desserts which will lead you to crave for even more. Paris can definitely be proud of its best restaurants and places where you can dine and have fun. It will give you many options so that you can choose what you prefer and go ahead to savour on some delicious items. After all it is just about a satisfied heart.

There are some of the best restaurants and cuisines which you can always prefer when in Paris. We have made it simple for you to choose the best for yourself by designing this article accordingly mentioning about the best cafes and cuisines which you can experience.


 They are usually busy during the weekends for the best food that they serve. When you are here, you will experience some fabulous brews. It is the best spot for every coffee lover. This vegan café has a very interesting menu to offer and not to forget, their interiors are absolutely stunning which makes this spot one of the best cafes in Paris.

Republique of Coffee

In the mornings, this café is usually visited by the locals and as the day runs on, you can see many millennials, fashionistas, students here to sip their coffee. This café has always been experimenting with different blends and have never failed to provide the best to their customers. The ambience here is very good with some huge windows, ceilings with mirrors and you can definitely click some snaps while you sip your coffee here.


This spot has a very big open space. They have got the best reviews so far for their third wave coffee. The interior designs of this café are also worth experiencing as they have lamps that float on the ceilings like clouds. There are bookcases too which can be a great spot for creative photography or maybe click some portraits.

Café Marlette

The most famous café cum boutique in Paris is well known for its breakfasts. This is one of the best places in Montreal and it can definitely make your mornings better. You can variety of coffees here and you must definitely try espresso, noisette and caramel latte if you visit this café. Their popular breakfasts constitute of avocado toast, salads, boiled eggs, homemade cakes and hot chocolate. This café has got some good outdoor seating areas too.

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