Top Italian handbag brands which are known for their class and luxury!

Luxurious handbags create a style statement when you step out and flaunt it in front of your friends and people around you. They are expensive but are worth the expenditure. The global market of handbags is growing day by day and the handbag giants are coming up with the new and fresh styles.

The leather handbags that the Italian brands produce are worth the price. It is absolutely rich in quality and also the best in the market. Italy has been providing people with the premium leather handbags. They are not only concentrating on leather but also other sorts of textured bags.

There are many reasons why you must always buy an Italian brand handbag. If you have finally decided to buy a handbag from Italy, then it is necessary that you must take your time planning on your expenses and also buy within the budget. It is not a secret that the Italian handbag brands come with the price tag that is priced higher than others.

Talking about the fame that Italy carries for the handbags that they produce, their luxury brand handbags are the most searched handbags on the internet. When you proceed to shop an Italian handbag, you will also be willing to know more about the Italian culture and fashion. Also, the marketing strategy that these brands have chosen, is amazing and that is what makes them supreme. Italian handbags are the most sold-out bags.

The most leading Italian handbag brands are mentioned below.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana stands first in the row. The brand has its headquarters at Milan, Italy. They have around 320 stores around the globe. Their revenue is around 1.3 billion across the world.


This luxurious brand has always been receptive to international buyers and is undoubtedly one of the top-class brands across the world. Furla has got more than 400 international outlet stores and they are widely known for producing top-class products.


This luxury brand was established in 1975 by Giorgi Armani and its headquarters is in Milan, Italy. Armani is well-known for their clothing and watches, however the handbags that they produce are of superior quality too. The bags come with a whole new look and will suit every outfit effortlessly.


Gucci is the most celebrity driven luxury brand across the world. This international brand earns a revenue of over USD 5 million and they are the prominent leaders in the fashion industry. Their genuine leather handbags are something that’s worth buying and can help you create a fashion statement.


This Italian handbag brand is highly known for its high prices and superior quality. The brand is globally well-known and it has been earning more than USD 4million dollars of revenue. Their handbags are made of genuine leather and there are more than 600 outlets across the world.

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