Holiday tips 2020

For everyone in the family, winter destinations offer splendid activities, from snowboarding, skiing, zip lining, rafting, cycling, biking and camping outdoors to village journeys. In India, from Kullu, Manali and Shimla to Himachal Pradesh to Moussoorie and Binsar Valley, in the Uttarakhand region, there are a range of winter destinations to explore. Planning a holiday to these winter destinations in the Club Mahindra resorts is an ideal way to get with your family. While a family holiday is enjoyable to snow-capped destinations, a different level of planning is required. Winter is not forgiven as a season, and everyone needs to be prepared to enjoy crisp weather. Here are holiday tips that will motivate you to be confident for your winter break.

The Right clothes

What kind of clothing to wear should be the first and foremost on your list. You must bear layers. It is important. There should be a collection of thermal wearing, a second layer of t-shirts, trousers and tops and a three-layer sweater.

All the silky air means much dry skin!

Ensure that your favorite hydrating lotion is ready. Sunscreen, particularly for children, is also necessary. Even in cold weather, the heat can be very harsh, and sunburn is the last thing you want on holiday.

Prevents Going to snow on holiday? Safe socks

Although your pantry can work on the beach, it is important for a cold environment to have boots, closed toed shoes or safe footwear. You might try leasing them from the resort if you need special boots for walking in the snow.

A pack for medication

Although a pharmacy kit for a family holiday is always important, on a winter holiday it’s key. This is due to the cold weather that makes everybody more vulnerable to cold or flu. Band-Aids, antiseptic creams and common condition remedies are a few items that will come handy anywhere at all times in your drugs box.

Chargers and batteries

For our smartphones, handset chargers are a permanent feature of our lives. Bring and still keep your portable chargers powered. You surely don’t want to be trapped without a mobile while you are going out in the cold.


In cold weather, cameras could operate very differently. You may need to provide ample time to freeze your camera and battery before you head out. Made sure your sensor is clean to remove spots from your lens because of rain or snow. Batteries are backed up.

Snacks on the go

Winter is when we are most hungry and want to eat snacks, especially on holidays. Snacks are the best way to keep the kids occupied when they feel tired or nervous during a vacation. Some parents choose mini packs of favorite food treats for their children on a family trip. You can purchase mini packs or order a packaged snack from the resort.

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