Best cafes that you shouldn’t miss when in London!

London is known for its best cafes. There are some of the best restaurants and cuisines which you can always prefer when in London. The best cuisine you can always prefer when in London is the North American cuisine. But is always not about having food, it is also about sipping some good coffee and other beverages and just hang out with your group of people.

There are some finest independent cafes in London which are way better than visiting some expensive coffee shops and spending large amount of money on a small amount. London can boast of the best restaurants and places where you can dine and have fun. It will give you many options so that you can choose what you prefer and go ahead to have the best experience.

Below mentioned are the best cafes that London has to offer its people!


This coffee shop has some good reputation for itself.  It is one of the best spots where you can gather with your near and dear ones for the best coffee in the town. They are usually busy during the weekends for the best food that they serve. When you are at Leila’s, never ever miss the quick espresso. You must definitely give it a try.

Fernandez & Wells

 This café has got the seasonal beans which they get it from the Midlands. The homemade cakes are the best option which you can go for when you have visited Fernandez& Wells. You should always go for the grilled black pudding along with some coffee.

Nordic Bakery

This café is Scandinavian inspired and you can have the best breakfasts here with your troup. It serves the darkest and the strongest coffees in London and you must never miss this spot if you are in the city.

Nude Espresso

 It has a very big open space. They have very small farm coffees. Coffee is the best choice you can opt always. You can always energize your weekends. They have also opened their branch in Soho Square.


This independent café serves the best food along with some great coffee. Along with that, you can even try out some mouth-watering pastries that are served here. This spot is absolutely relaxing and its fantastic setting lets you chill and have a good time with your family and friends.

Soho Grind

 While having an espresso, you can settle down to read the papers and also relax your mind after the messy day at work. This will also give you opportunity to indulge in the best cups of coffee in the world. This café in London is one of the best cafes and it will never disappoint you.


This is a Swedish spot and they serve the best coffee and cinnamon buns. They sell all the bakery items from Swedish pastries to the best sandwiches in the world. This café is definitely the best suitable spot for every coffee lover out there.

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