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All you need to know about the famous Thai cuisine!

The real secret is that Thai food has a lot of nutritional value at its cores and doesn’t consist of excess calories which is also good for the human body. Thai cuisine has its own aura and beauty. The food will impress your taste buds and leave you craving for another chance to experience it again. The Thai food is the staple food for the people who belong to Thailand.

In most of the occasions in Thailand, their food is the central attraction and if the food is good, the occasion is a complete success. Food becomes the reason to celebrate. People living in other parts of the world enjoy Thai food and it has become one of the favourite cuisines of many.

The Thai cuisine is complete when the dishes involved in the feast have the combinations of all these seasonings. Sop whenever a Thai feast is happening, it is ensured that all these tastes are included. Meat and fish are the must in Thai cuisine. Varieties of meat and fish are cooked and served to the diners. The portions in the plate are literally small but those are everything that you need.

Apart from the Thai lunch and dinner which are quite famous in the world for its unique and relishing taste, the Thai people are also known as hard core snackers. They feed a lot on healthy snacks in between their meals. These snacks involve spring rolls, beef rolls and many more.

When we talk about the desserts in Thai food, it generally consists of fresh fruits like pineapple, grapes etc. Rice cake is also one of the most prominent dessert that is preferred all over in Thailand.

One of the most attractive and the most moral policy in Thai food and culture is that it’s as bad as omen to waste food after eating. The one eating Thai food is not supposed to waste the food and dispose the leftovers. The reason behind this myth is that there is the Thai God of rice who is always watching over and ensures that there is rice which is enough to fill all the stomachs.

 If we dare to waste the Thai food, destruction can occur and famines will spread through the state. This is a firm belief for all the people who are part of Thailand. Just like all other cuisines, the four major seasonings of Thai food are salty, sour, sweet and spicy.

Thai food is something which is so common and special for everyone just for its best and unique taste. They serve you with the best and amazing dishes. When you go to a restaurant, don’t avoid the Thai cuisine. The food will make your dining experience much better.

The fast food that is served as the part of Thai cuisine is fresh too. These food items are never frozen and the street vendors have huge carts with wok and small bowls which can be really helpful for the cook to prepare the dishes as soon as they receive the order. The food will be served to you in matter of minutes.


Best restaurants in New York where you can have some great food!

You have an appetite and you are in New York City, do you have enough knowledge about where to go for the best food? I’m sure you will get an idea from this article. It won’t be nice enough if you return after just having some mozzarella sticks from some random café at Times Square. You got to discover more and experience even better. I’m sure deciding about where to eat in New York can be difficult as there are various special options where you can go for a fine dinner as well as for casual eateries.

There are some of the best restaurants this city can definitely boast of. Once you get a proper picture on this, it is sure that you will get a lot more to cover. To kick start the day, obviously you would want to have the best and a satisfying brunch.

Daily Provisions

Daily provisions have the best donut in the city. Along with it the sandwiches which they serve are remarkable and you shouldn’t miss them at any cost.


Next comes the Faicco’s Italian Specialities, with the best Italian food of the city. They boast of the superior imported cheese, homemade sausages and deli meats. Even they have some fantastic sandwiches and also house made pesto.


Olmsted will definitely serve you with an awesome bowl of eggs and gives you the most memorable brunch experience ever. They are the best for dinner and also duck sausage is highly recommended.


Cocoron provides you the most beautiful space along with good food. It is all about amazing clipboards and this place will convey a lot more about Greenpeace.

The NoMad

This is the best spot if you wish to grab some tasty roasted chicken. This restaurant serves the best chicken dishes in the entire planet. They also have a bar where you can also feed on beef, veggie burgers and magic drinks to boost your weekend mood.

Wild Air

This restaurant in New York focuses more on green vegetables. Here, lettuce is so much more than just lettuce and foods are literally coated with lettuce dressing. Salads are a mood here and you must not leave this place without having some delicious shrimps.

Flora Bar

Foodies head to this restaurant if you are in search for some great food when in New York. Apart from delicious and tasty food, this restaurant is so good in decorating the tables with some great culineries which makes it an attractive space for you while you are sitting there with your family and friends. The prices are a bit high but it’s worth a try.


Top spots in Paris where you can grab some great coffee and taste some good food!

Paris is not just known for the most special Eiffel Tower but also for its best cafes and restaurants. With the amazing food being served around, people, this place has got the most fabulous restaurants and cafes we can savour on. There are different cuisines which are served in almost all the restaurants and cafes in Paris.

Along with these cuisines, they even offer us with the best refreshments like tea, coffee and even the best desserts which will lead you to crave for even more. Paris can definitely be proud of its best restaurants and places where you can dine and have fun. It will give you many options so that you can choose what you prefer and go ahead to savour on some delicious items. After all it is just about a satisfied heart.

There are some of the best restaurants and cuisines which you can always prefer when in Paris. We have made it simple for you to choose the best for yourself by designing this article accordingly mentioning about the best cafes and cuisines which you can experience.


 They are usually busy during the weekends for the best food that they serve. When you are here, you will experience some fabulous brews. It is the best spot for every coffee lover. This vegan café has a very interesting menu to offer and not to forget, their interiors are absolutely stunning which makes this spot one of the best cafes in Paris.

Republique of Coffee

In the mornings, this café is usually visited by the locals and as the day runs on, you can see many millennials, fashionistas, students here to sip their coffee. This café has always been experimenting with different blends and have never failed to provide the best to their customers. The ambience here is very good with some huge windows, ceilings with mirrors and you can definitely click some snaps while you sip your coffee here.


This spot has a very big open space. They have got the best reviews so far for their third wave coffee. The interior designs of this café are also worth experiencing as they have lamps that float on the ceilings like clouds. There are bookcases too which can be a great spot for creative photography or maybe click some portraits.

Café Marlette

The most famous café cum boutique in Paris is well known for its breakfasts. This is one of the best places in Montreal and it can definitely make your mornings better. You can variety of coffees here and you must definitely try espresso, noisette and caramel latte if you visit this café. Their popular breakfasts constitute of avocado toast, salads, boiled eggs, homemade cakes and hot chocolate. This café has got some good outdoor seating areas too.


Best cafes that you shouldn’t miss when in London!

London is known for its best cafes. There are some of the best restaurants and cuisines which you can always prefer when in London. The best cuisine you can always prefer when in London is the North American cuisine. But is always not about having food, it is also about sipping some good coffee and other beverages and just hang out with your group of people.

There are some finest independent cafes in London which are way better than visiting some expensive coffee shops and spending large amount of money on a small amount. London can boast of the best restaurants and places where you can dine and have fun. It will give you many options so that you can choose what you prefer and go ahead to have the best experience.

Below mentioned are the best cafes that London has to offer its people!


This coffee shop has some good reputation for itself.  It is one of the best spots where you can gather with your near and dear ones for the best coffee in the town. They are usually busy during the weekends for the best food that they serve. When you are at Leila’s, never ever miss the quick espresso. You must definitely give it a try.

Fernandez & Wells

 This café has got the seasonal beans which they get it from the Midlands. The homemade cakes are the best option which you can go for when you have visited Fernandez& Wells. You should always go for the grilled black pudding along with some coffee.

Nordic Bakery

This café is Scandinavian inspired and you can have the best breakfasts here with your troup. It serves the darkest and the strongest coffees in London and you must never miss this spot if you are in the city.

Nude Espresso

 It has a very big open space. They have very small farm coffees. Coffee is the best choice you can opt always. You can always energize your weekends. They have also opened their branch in Soho Square.


This independent café serves the best food along with some great coffee. Along with that, you can even try out some mouth-watering pastries that are served here. This spot is absolutely relaxing and its fantastic setting lets you chill and have a good time with your family and friends.

Soho Grind

 While having an espresso, you can settle down to read the papers and also relax your mind after the messy day at work. This will also give you opportunity to indulge in the best cups of coffee in the world. This café in London is one of the best cafes and it will never disappoint you.


This is a Swedish spot and they serve the best coffee and cinnamon buns. They sell all the bakery items from Swedish pastries to the best sandwiches in the world. This café is definitely the best suitable spot for every coffee lover out there.